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Rei - Universal, the great mystery

Ki - energy, life force

Reiki is an energy healing discovered in Japan by Mikao Usui that predominantly uses the laying of the hands on the body (where the Reiki will flow) to balance the energies within. The theoretical basis of Reiki is that imbalance will occur if there is an energetic blockage. A Reiki healing session will help remove the blockage in order for the energy to flow, raise the person's chi, and stimulate the body's own natural healing process.

Along with Reiki, a session will include the following:

  • A guided meditation

  • Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping

  • Oracle card reading

Available in-person in the Triad area, North Carolina, or distant reiki via online sessions

Currently offering a sliding scale ($15-$45) for 45 minutes distant reiki session.

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"If you’re in need of an energetic reset, look no further. Ashley’s energy puts you right at ease as she gently guides you through the process of receiving Reiki. She is very intuitive and skillfully harnesses this healing energy. I was experiencing physical pain as a result of emotions trapped in my body, and my session with her addressed exactly what I needed and then some. I can genuinely say that my body and mind feel so much better. Thank you Ashley for sharing your medicine!!"

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