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Reiki Trainings (Reiju)

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Reiju means spiritual blessing.

To quote Masaki Nishina (2017), “Western Reiki teachers think that attunement in a given seminar level ‘activates’ or ‘upgrades’ a specific energy level of a student. This concept is a misunderstanding that Reiki is given from outside.”

Reiki is an innate ability and flows out naturally when one is in a natural state of being.

During my Reiki trainings, I aim to simply hold space for your body's innate wisdom to reconnect with the energy of Reiki.


You will have a better understanding of what Reiki is, its history in Japan and how it came to the Western culture, and learn the techniques on how to provide Reiki for yourself and others. It is the first step to becoming a Reiki practitioner.



With a focus on emotional & karmic healing, you will have a deeper understanding of Reiki, and learn multitude ways on how to provide distant Reiki healing sessions both for yourself (past/future versions of yourself), and others. Alongside, you will learn the different symbols that can be used as tools in healing oneself and/or others.


**Level I & Level II can be done together ($450).


With a focus on how to embody Reiki that personally feels right for you, this training will lead you to the process of integrating all that you have learned in the past trainings, explore on areas of blockages and limitations that could be further expand with Reiki, and find your own authentic expression and connection with Reiki, while still upholding respect of the traditions of Reiki. This training will guide you to learn how to share and teach others into the way of Reiki.


Payment plan available for all of these trainings. I am also open for energetic exchanges (bartering) upon discussion.

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Ashley has an incredibly warm energy that just naturally soothes and relaxes you. My Reiki 1 Attunement was an enjoyable experience. From the moment I entered her home till the moment I left, I felt her healing and nurturing energy. Ashley is incredibly knowledgeable and answered all my questions insightfully. She's very patient and a great conversationalist! The entire experience was magical and I left feeling uplifted, joyful and powerful. I intend on doing my future attunements with her!


I got my reiki attunement with Ashley and can recommend this 100%! Just an overall wonderful experience with long lasting benefits for your well-being. ✨


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